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The Blue Title in Tunisia: Incomplete Protection Against Illegal Construction

The "Blue Title," an essential document for establishing real estate ownership in Tunisia, is often seen as a guarantee of legality and security for foreign investors. However, there is a significant gap in this perception: Title Bleu does not effectively protect against illegal construction without a building permit. This reality highlights a persistent challenge within the Tunisian real estate sector.

The Blue Title: A Seal of Ownership

The Blue Title is a legal document which certifies ownership of real estate in Tunisia. It is issued by the Tunisian government and is of great importance in establishing a clear and indisputable right of ownership. Many foreign investors consider this document as a guarantee of security, believing that it protects against all irregularities related to ownership.

The Challenge of Illegal Construction

However, the reality on the ground is quite different. The Blue Title does not guarantee that construction on the land complies with town planning rules and laws. In Tunisia, as in many other countries, it is essential to obtain a building permit before starting any construction project. Unfortunately, many illegal constructions are erected without authorization, thus jeopardizing the legality of the property.

The Consequences of Illegal Construction

Illegal construction presents a number of problems. They can affect property values, lead to costly legal disputes and even cause environmental harm. Additionally, property owners who are not directly involved in illegal construction may also face consequences, including devaluation or demolition of their property.

The Need for Reform

Faced with this gap in the protection offered by the Blue Title, it is increasingly important for the Tunisian government to consider a reform of the land system. A review of planning procedures, increased surveillance and tougher sanctions against illegal construction are all measures that could help strengthen the protection of owners, including foreign investors.


Although the Blue Title is a crucial element of the real estate acquisition process in Tunisia, it does not constitute infallible protection against illegal construction without a building permit. Foreign investors must therefore remain vigilant, exercise due diligence and surround themselves with trusted professionals to ensure that their real estate investment in Tunisia is in compliance with local laws. At the same time, a reform of the Tunisian land system could help strengthen the security and legality of real estate ownership in the country.


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