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Protect Your Real Estate Investment in Djerba

Avoid pitfalls and protect your interests in each real estate transaction thanks to the expertise of a specialized lawyer. Schedule your online consultation today.

Manage your real estate disputes with the assistance of our specialized lawyer in Djerba.


Book your first free consultation online today to find suitable solutions.

You seek, We find.


Our portal is a villa search service 100% dedicated to buyers and sellers, which allows you to easily find the ideal property and buy it at the best price or sell your property peacefully without wasting time. We are a specialized portal on Djerba.

The Djerba real estate portal takes care of everything, you only keep the pleasure of choice!
The real estate portal in Djerba also takes care of your entire purchase or sale project: study of your project by our experts, research on the entire market, careful pre-selections, targeted visits, effective negotiation, offer to buy or sell at the best price, work estimate, administrative procedures & simplified legal…

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The real estate portal service in Djerba


Study of your project

The real estate portal listens to you and advises you on your purchasing project. or sale. We carefully validate all of your search criteria.

Tailor-made research

The real estate portal searches the entire market & activates its available properties to allow you to visit villas or have them built with competent developers.

Visits and negotiations

Accompanied by an expert from the real estate portal, you visit the best properties and we help you negotiate at the best price... First come, first to buy.

  • Q1: What are the conditions for buying real estate in Djerba for a foreigner?
    R1: To acquire real estate in Djerba, a foreigner must obtain authorization from the Governor. The property must be located in an urban area and all transactions must be recorded in writing, including a final sales contract after obtaining authorization.
  • Q2: What is a blue title in Tunisia?
    R2: The blue title is a document which certifies the registration of real estate in the land register in Tunisia. It is not obligatory for purchase by a foreigner, but is necessary for the formalization of certain legal acts.
  • Q3: Is a lawyer necessary for all real estate transactions in Djerba?
    R3: The presence of a lawyer is mandatory for the blue title application in Tunisia. However, for transactions between Tunisians, a sales contract drawn up by a lawyer or notary is sufficient.
  • Q4: Is there an expedited procedure for authorization from the Governor?
    A4: There is no official accelerated procedure. However, ensuring that the file is complete and correctly presented can reduce delays.
  • Q5: What is the standard time frame for obtaining authorization from the Governor in Tunisia?
    R5: The standard deadline may vary, but generally, authorization from the Governor can take a minimum of 12 months and can go up to several years after all necessary documents have been filed.
  • Q6: Is there a procedure to speed up obtaining authorization from the governor in Djerba?
    R6: It is possible to speed up the governor's authorization procedure by sending written reminders to the governorate.
  • Q7: Is it possible to draw up real estate sales contracts in French?
    R7: It is possible to draw up real estate sales contracts in French. Our lawyer in Djerba takes care of drafting these contracts in French.
  • Q8: Is it possible to directly purchase a car on behalf of a foreigner?
    R8: A foreigner can easily buy a car in Djerba in his own name.
  • Q9: Is it possible to rent a house in Djerba all year round?
    R9: A foreigner can rent a house for the year in Djerba.
  • Q10: How to move to Djerba and Zarzis and obtain a residence permit?
    R10: Any foreigner can apply for a residence permit. The foreigner must prove that he has sufficient resources to live in Tunisia. Proof of address, photos, marriage contract for the bride and groom. You just need to contact the foreigners police to apply for a residence permit.
  • Q11: How to inherit in Djerba and Zarzis?
    R11: It should be noted that inheritance in Djerba occurs automatically for property located in an urban area. In agricultural areas, foreigners cannot inherit. In addition, the deceased can choose the applicable law. In practice, sharing is done on the basis of the inheritance certificate. Foreigners can choose the applicable law regarding the liquidation of the estate.

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