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Make your project a success with the Djerba real estate portal

How the Djerba real estate portal works:

  • Simplified Land Search: The Djerba real estate portal offers you easy access to a vast selection of available land, allowing you to find the perfect location for your future villa.

  • Custom Architectural Design: Working closely with experienced architects and developers, we offer tailor-made plans.

  • Management & Complete Project Monitoring: We take care of the entire construction process, from initial design to handover of keys.

  • Quality Site Monitoring: Our team ensures rigorous monitoring of construction, thus guaranteeing the quality and compliance of each stage of the project.

  • Saving Time and Energy: By opting for our global service, you save time and energy, while having the assurance of a tailor-made villa, ready to welcome your family or visitors as part of your stay. 'an investment.

  • Local Expertise: With our in-depth knowledge of Djerba and its surroundings, we offer you sound advice to make your real estate project a success.

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villa tezdaine
villa houmt souk
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Customizable services

Research & Selection of building and serviced land, development of house plans according to your desires with 3D modeling of the project, Administrative procedures & legal...

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Djerbienne style villa

Support you in the creation of a Djerbian villa inspired by personalized and tailor-made traditional Houch (living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms)

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Modern Villa

You want to build a modern house or villa in Djerba. We study your construction projects with you until perfect completion.

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Build the Villa of your dreams in Djerba in complete safety


Purchase of building land, serviced and planted with trees

Support for administrative procedures (building permits). Design of a personalized plan according to your desires, your needs and your budget
Customizable living space, number of bedrooms and master suites, creation of private garden, private swimming pool, dining room, bathrooms, single-storey villa or two-story house, open kitchen.

Construction of high standing contemporary villa, traditional luxury house, Le Houch. Single point of contact throughout the entire construction site. Delivery of the house finalized and handover of keys. Our lawyers will follow your file until the governor's agreement is obtained so that you can obtain an individual property title. You would like to know more about property titles for foreigners: The Individual Blue Title: A Passport to Property in Tunisia

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