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The Best Neighborhoods of Djerba: Where to Invest to Enjoy the Island and its Attractions in 2024.

Djerba, nicknamed 'the island of dreams', is a jewel of the Mediterranean. Its rich heritage, its captivating beaches and its mild climate make it a destination of choice for many travelers. As 2024 looms on the horizon, there is growing enthusiasm for investment prospects on the island. In this article, discover the key districts of Djerba and their advantages for a wise investment.

Houch Djerba

Houmt Souk: The beating heart of Djerba

Capital and nerve center of the island, Houmt Souk is an attractive blend of tradition and modernity. Its lively market, its craft shops and its varied restaurants make it a dynamic place to live.

Investment benefits:

  1. Proximity to amenities and services.

  2. Potential for short-term rentals thanks to constant tourist demand.

Midoun: Tourist excitement

Located in the northeast of the island, Midoun is a tourist hub. With its hotel complexes, golden beaches and renowned golf course, this district attracts an international population.

Investment benefits:

  1. Strong seasonal rental demand.

  2. Constant real estate valuation due to tourism growth.

Ghizen: Pure tranquility.

Location: Ghizen is located southwest of Djerba, a short distance from Djerba-Zarzis international airport.


  1. Calm and serenity: Far from the tourist hustle and bustle, Ghizen is ideal for those seeking tranquility.

  2. Fertile lands: Historically, Ghizen is known for its agriculture, offering green landscapes and quality local products.

  3. Ongoing development: With infrastructure projects, the district is attracting the attention of investors.


  1. Distance from main attractions: For night activities and main tourist sites, you will need to travel.

  2. Lack of amenities: Although this is gradually changing, Ghizen still lacks some modern amenities.

Mezraya: The crossroads between past and future.

Location: Mezraya is located on the northeast coast of the island, between Houmt Souk and Midoun, which makes it a strategic point.


  • Proximity to cities: Situated between the two main cities, residents have easy access to amenities and attractions.

  • Unspoilt beaches: Mezraya offers less crowded beaches, ideal for relaxation.

  • Real estate investments: The location of Mezraya makes it a suitable place for investment, with increasing real estate valuation.


  • Rapid development: Some residents may feel a loss of authenticity with increasing development.

  • Rising prices: The growing demand for this central area may lead to inflation in property prices.

Tezdaine: A harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Location: Tezdaine is ideally located in the southwest of the island, close to the tourist area and not far from Midoun. Its proximity to the coast gives it privileged access to breathtaking beaches.


  1. Rich history: Tezdaine is rich in heritage, with its ancient menzels (traditional houses) and its old port which bear witness to a flourishing maritime past.

  2. Proximity to attractions: Although Tezdaine is peaceful, it is close to many of Djerba's major attractions, including the tourist area, the Taguermess lighthouse, and the Djerba Explore park.

  3. Promising real estate investment: With growing demand for properties that combine tradition and modern comfort, Tezdaine is a privileged investment area.

  4. Authentic local life: For those looking to live the true Djerbian experience, Tezdaine offers immersion in the daily life of the locals.

  5. Nature and landscapes: Tezdaine, with its palm trees, olive trees and blue-green lagoon, is a true haven of peace for nature lovers.


  1. Rapid development: The increase in interest in Tezdaine has led to more rapid development, which may, for some, alter the authenticity of the neighborhood.

  2. Rising prices: Like any popular location, Tezdaine's real estate value is increasing, which can make entry into the market more expensive for new investors.

  3. Seasonality: Like many places in Djerba, Tezdaine can be quite lively during the high season and quieter out of season. This may impact rental yields for those considering short-term rentals.

Tezdaine in 2024: What should we expect?

The development of Tezdaine is both a blessing and a challenge. As new infrastructure emerges, offering more amenities and comfort, it is essential to preserve the charm and authenticity of the neighborhood. Potential investors are encouraged to adopt a respectful and sustainable approach

Arkou: A Neighborhood in Full Renaissance.

Location: Arkou is located in the northern part of Djerba, slightly set back from the coast but close enough to benefit from seaside pleasures. Surrounded by natural landscapes, it is a place that gives the impression of being at the crossroads between the past and the future.


  1. Abundant nature: Being one of the least urbanized districts of Djerba, Arkou offers a preserved natural setting, with olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see and a diverse local fauna. p>

  2. Rich history: With its old buildings and typical Djerbian architecture, Arkou is a living testimony to the rich history of the island.

  3. Investment potential: Less developed than other districts, Arkou presents real potential for those looking to invest early in promising areas.

  4. Close-knit community: Arkou, with its warm local population, offers a chance for authentic integration and strong community ties.

  5. Competitive prices: Compared to other more developed districts of Djerba, Arkou offers more affordable real estate prices.


  1. Limited infrastructure: Being less developed, Arkou may lack some modern amenities or advanced infrastructure.

  2. Access: Although its location offers tranquility and seclusion, this can also mean longer travel times to other parts of the island.

The future of Arkou in 2024 and beyond

The growing interest in Arkou is accompanied by a collective awareness of the need to develop the neighborhood in a sustainable manner. Local initiatives aim to combine modernity and respect for the environment, making Arkou a potential example of eco-responsible development in Djerba.

3. Fatou: The picturesque escape.

Location: Fatou is nestled on the south coast of Djerba, offering panoramic sea views.


  • Sea view: Many properties benefit from an exceptional panorama of the Mediterranean.

  • Authenticity: Fatou has preserved its old-world charm, with its traditional houses and peaceful way of life.

  • Tourist potential: Thanks to its beaches and its atmosphere, Fatou is becoming a popular destination for ecological and cultural tourism.


  • Limited access: Roads leading to Fatou may require improvement.

  • Limited Services: For specialized services or specific purchases, it may be necessary to travel to more developed neighborhoods.

Erriadh: Authenticity preserved.

Recognized for Djerbahood, an open-air museum where artists from all over the world have taken over the walls, Erriadh is the living testimony of Djerbian cultural wealth.

Investment benefits:

  • Charming real estate with traditional houses.

  • Cultural tourism growing.

4. Tourist Zone (Eastern seafront of the island): Luxury within reach.

As its name suggests, this area is full of luxurious hotel complexes, spas and thalassotherapy centers. It stretches along superb beaches.


Investment benefits:

  • High standard guaranteeing high rental yields.

  • Proximity to beaches and entertainment venues.

Ajim: The charm of the coast.

This picturesque port is a haven of peace. Ajim offers stunning sea views, breathtaking sunsets and is the departure point to Flamingo Island.

Investment benefits:

  • Potential for second homes.

  • Growing development of small businesses and restaurants.

Guellala: The essence of craftsmanship.

Known for its pottery, Guellala is the district of authenticity. In addition to its museum dedicated to crafts, the region offers a pure and traditional Djerbian experience.


Investment benefits:

  • Real estate at a more affordable price.

  • Strong potential for cultural and artisanal tourism.

Tips for investing in 2024:

  1. Thorough research: Before investing, familiarize yourself with the local market. Visit multiple properties, compare prices and locations.

  2. Hire a local expert: A local real estate agent or consultant will help you navigate the market and spot the best opportunities.

  3. Think about the future: Djerba is evolving. Invest in areas that are developing or have long-term growth potential.


In 2024, Djerba remains a jewel of the Mediterranean basin. Its varied neighborhoods offer a range of opportunities for investors, whether they are looking for luxury, authenticity or dynamism. Thanks to its cultural, natural and economic assets, the island promises beautiful days for those who know how to seize the opportunities it presents. Investing in Djerba means believing in a rich, diverse and promising Mediterranean.


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